Lime Crime China Doll Eye Shadow Palette

Lime Crime is at it again! On February 15, 2012, they will be releasing this China Doll eye shadow palette into their permanent line. It will retail for $34.99 and contains 5 different colors. Fly Dragon Fly is a matte fiery red, Parasol is a matte sky blue, Goldfish is a metallic bright gold, Jade-o-Lade is a matte jade and Lotus Noir is a deep matte black. 

It will be available on the Lime Crime website on Feb. 15! 

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This Week's Etsy Finds

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for fun accessories and clothes. I always check out websites such as Etsy and Boticca because you can always find such unique things on there some cheap and some expensive. Etsy has a lot of items on their website so sometimes it's hard to find what your looking for so I thought I would share with you guys every week a few of my favorite Etsy finds. This weeks finds are the following: 

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Kylie Jenner's Tuxedo Nails

A few weeks ago I posted Zooey Deschanel's tuxedo nails (here) and when I found the top picture of Kylie Jenner's tuxedo nails on Instagram I thought I would recreate this look as well. I like both tuxedo nails and they were both very easy to make. If you would like to see a tutorial on how I made this tuxedo nail look leave a comment below! 

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Oh My Nails! #34

The other Ciate nail polish I got for Christmas, Fit for a Queen. 

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Jello Shots in Oranges (Recipe)

I never had jello shots before so when I found this recipe on Not Martha I decided I would make these jello fruit shots! They came out delicious and I can't wait to make them again! On Not Martha you can find really good detailed instructions on how to make these. 

Step 1: Take your oranges and slice them in half. 

Step 2: Use a sharp knife to cut out the pulp from the orange but make sure to keep the orange intact. 

Step 3: Make your jello and pour it into the oranges. Make sure to put them on a glass or a muffin tin so they stay up right. 

Step 4: Put them in the fridge and let them become jello. 

Step 5: Once they are done, cut them in half and eat them! 


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1 Year Blogversary Giveaway! CLOSED

GIVEAWAY TIME! On January 13, 2012 it was My Cup of Lemon Drop's 1 year blogversary! To celebrate this wonderful 1 year I decided to put a giveaway on the blog with lots of fun prizes! Especially prizes that I love and I use myself. I am also testing out a new way of doing giveaways that should be easier for you and me.
Follow the instructions in the widget below for your chance to win all these fun prizes! The giveaway will run for about a month because I want to give as many people the chance to enter because I purchased all these products with my own money (this is not a sponsored giveaway of any sorts). Also this giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!
I have already done posts with swatches of some of the brands in this giveaway: Violent Lips, SweetPea & Fay and Beauty So Clean and you can check all those posts here, here, here and here
You have many chances to win, in the widget you can see how many points each option is worth and you can come back to this post and tweet about the giveaway everyday and get an extra point everyday! LOTS OF CHANCES TO WIN! 
I hope you enjoy this giveaway!
Remember to press DO IT! In order for you to be entered into the giveaway!


Oh My Nails! #33

I got these 2 Ciate nail polishes for Christmas from the lovely bf! He knows I'm obsessed with nail polish and love the polishes from Ciate and these are the first two I own from Ciate. The one I am wearing is Cream Tea. 

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New In: Nasty Gal

I recently bought this button up tank from Nasty Gal. I love this site, this is the second time I am buying clothes from them. I love to just browse through the website with all the different styles of clothes they have its just clothing porn for me! =] This button up tank costs $30 and I will be wearing the heck out of it in the summer! Can't wait! 

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Sweet Pea and Fay

My latest obsession is lip gloss! I was on Etsy and I found a shop SweetPea and Fay. They sell make up and the colors are gorgeous and they have a really wide range of eye shadows on their shop and yes hey ship internationally which is always a plus. I bought 4 lip glosses and an eyeshadow. One gloss and the eyeshadow will be in a package for a giveaway I have coming up. 

Moving on.. The 3 glosses I got are Heliotrope, The Gilded Lady and Ranunculus from theire J'adore Les Levres collection. The collection is out of stock but on their facebook page it says it will be back mid January. I love the names of these products especially Ranunculus! I don't know if its a word but its amazing! 

The lavender colored lip gloss is very smooth and shiny I absolutely love it and it is called Heliotrope. The pink lip gloss gives more of a matte finish (and I lately prefer the matte lipsticks over shinier ones) and it has the lovely name Ranunculus. Last but not least is the amazing out of this world goldish bronze color which is The Gilded Lady. I love it because its not your typical lip gloss but it is still wearable! 

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Tuxedo Nails from Zooey Deschanel at Golden Globes 2012

Source of picture: E! Online

Source of photo: Zooey Deschanel's Twitter

Being the polish-aholic that I am I had to recreate Zooey Deschanel's nails at the Golden Globes. So cute! You might know Zooey Deschanel from a new show, New Girl. If you don't go watch that show because its funny!
For my recreation I stuck to the classic black and white to make it my own. I absolutely love this tuxedo manicure and it was so simple to do. If you would like to see a tutorial on this nail look please let me know. 

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Anime Lip Tar

In my previous Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics post (here) I wrote how I was waiting to receive my Anime lip tar, well it is finally here! My god am I obsessed with OCC lip tars and if you want one get Anime! Its such a gorgeous bright color and its just to die for! In the Netherlands you can get them at Pro MakeUp Store. They have a wide selection and also OCC pigments. These lip tars cost €10.75 each. But its worth it trust me but do make sure you have a lip brush because you can't use the lip tars like a normal lip gloss.

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New In: MAC Cosmetics

I stopped by the MAC counter a few days ago and got the Sketch eyeshadow. I saw Nikkie Tutorials use it in one of her tutorials and it looked gorgeous and so I went to get it. I love it and I can't wait to use it! 

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Oh My Nails! #32

This week, in spirit of the Holidays, I'm wearing a matte silver nail polish by Sephora. 

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Urban Decay Naked Palette

I finally decided to get myself the fantastic Urban Decay Naked palette. I was lucky that Sephora had a 25% discount on all make up purchases so I got it for cheaper, which is always a plus, right?! It comes with a mini Eyeshadow primer and a Karma brush. I didn't make any swatches because I figured almost everyone owns this palette or they have seen it all over the internet but if you do want swatches let me know and I will put some.

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Violent Lips Again

I gave in and bought myself some more Violent Lips tattoos as you can see in the first picture. They recently came out with some new ones which I also wanna get, hehe. Will see what the new year will bring for me and whether I will get them or not. I got the red glitterrati, the pink stars and the pink bite. You can check out my previous post about Violent Lips here

I actually ended up trying my rainbow one a few days ago. It didn't come out perfect but its ok because I plan on testing them out again on Christmas. I will say for the first few seconds it feels a little weird on but then you get used to it. Also it wasn't so easy for me to put them on but practice makes perfect! 

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