Sigma Beauty 10% off Discount Code

Sigma has a 10% off discount code for us to use through January 31st!! The code is 0112XJML

Take advantage of this code and buy some amazing brushes that you want! I think I will get some brushes, not sure yet. 

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Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Review and Swatches

Candy Apple
Golden Ticket
Cherry on Top

The Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Collection that I had been dying to get. Oh they are lovely! I actually wanted Golden Ticket only first then I also wanted Cherry on Top and Candy Apple then I wanted Kaleidoscope too because of the turquoise sparkles and then I decided the smartest thing to do would be to purchase the entire collection because it was discounted and I wanted 3 out of the 5 anyway (btw smartest decision I made!).

So lets start the review. I personally love these products, I am supper happy with the purchase I made and I am going to wear these through out December (party month!).

The packaging is adorable. I love the purple packaging each lip gloss comes in and I also love the carousel themed lip container is AMAZING! So cute! The applicator also worked very well for me and surprisingly the lip gloss was not that sticky. I have seen some reviews and they said it was sticky but I didn't find it sticky and TRUST me I have had sticky lip gloss (the Victorias Secret ones are uber sticky, not cool!). For these swatches I did not use any base lipstick or primers, they are just on my bare lips. As you can tell from the swatches the colors are very vibrant and opaque. 
Loop-de-Loop is a dark blue with iridescent sparkles and it is just lovely. It did not come out too well on my lips but maybe next time I will use a lipstick base underneath.  I would not wear this color but it is amazing. 

Candy Apple is the one lip gloss I think everyone bought. I really love this one it is a red with crimson glitter. Its just gorgeous, I don't even have words. 

Kaleidoscope is a purple with turquoise sparkle and again I would probably not wear it but you never know because purple and turquoise are my favorite colors. 

Oh Golden Ticket the reason I bought these lip glosses! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I had been searching for an awesome gold lip gloss and I was considering getting a nice gold pigment and a clear lip gloss and creating my own but then I came across Lime Crime. When I showed my boyfriend this color and I told him I was going to buy it he laughed at me and said you are never going to wear it, who would wear it. Well let me tell you he took back those words when I put it on and showed him, he was like ooohh that's such a nice color! I told him he had to wait and see it but you know boys will be boys. Golden Ticket went on really nice and I only put on coat on and it looked amazing! 

Now on to the last one. Cherry on Top is a redish-pinkish gloss with some rainbowish sparkles. I honestly love this but the picture doesn't do this color justice. It looks soo much nicer in person and even though it is very similar to Candy Apple, you can see the difference if you look good enough. I love this color and its definitely one of my go to lip glosses. 

Sorry for this long post but do read it. If you are not someone who wears bright and funky lip glosses but you do want one of the Carousel Glosses I would either opt for Candy Apple of Cherry on Top because you know you will wear one of them or both =]. 
I did hear some people saying that Lime Crime should have included a neutral color but the thing is Lime Crime is all about bright funky unique colors so I understand why they did not put a neutral color in the collection. But what I will say is that I think Lime Crime should come out with another collection of glosses for Spring or Summer with a lilac (like d'lilac) color with some pink sparkles or a coral/orangey (like cosmopop) gloss. Lime Crime would still be offering color therefore sticking to their brand and we would get some more wearable colors also! 

I hope this review helped the ones who have been contemplating whether to a get a gloss or not. 

If you do get one or if you did please share! 

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JewelMint has become very popular since it had launched. Unfortunately they did not ship out of the US, which suck big time but I still managed to get my hands on these babies. I have family in Miami and so I sent my order to their house and then they sent it to me here in the Netherlands. I did a one time purchase with them because if not I would be spending even more money every month and I should start saving more rather than spending. The main reason I became a member at JewelMint was because I really wanted the silver Mumbai bracelet and now I OWN IT! WOOHOO! I also ended up getting the Vangaurd necklace and Borgia ring. I thought their packaging was pretty cool so I took some snaps before I threw them out. 

I am supper happy with this purchase. If you live in the states you are lucky and I'm so jealous of you right now. 

Along with JewelMint they also have ShoeMint, StyleMint and BeautyMint

Have you gotten anything from one of these sites? 

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Oh My Nails! #31 Santa Claus

Easy and simple Santa Claus nails for the Holiday! Merry Christmas! 

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Oh My Nails! #30 Candy Cane

My Holiday Candy Cane nails! Easy to do just put a white base and then take a red polish and make two line over the white base and voila!


I am a Lime Crime Criminal

 Oh Lime Crime! On Cyber Monday they released their much anticipated new collection Carousel Gloss and also they had a sale on all their products. I of course had to get the glosses that I had been obsessing over for months and some other goodies. I decided to try out their primer and I LOVE IT! I do love my Urban Decay one but I also love this one. It works very well and really makes the color of your eyeshadow pop and I have even used it on my lips to make the lipstick last longer. I also ended up getting Cosmopop which is a orange color lipstick and I do love it and Mint to Be is the best purchase I ever made in my life. I love the color mint and even though I'm not sure where I would wear this to, it's such a lovely color and I just had to have it. Don't you ever have those days where you find something and you just have to buy it? Well that's what happened to me. Besides Lime Crime's awesome products I love their packaging, the colors are adorable and very girly.  

The Carousel Glosses I got will be swatched in a different post. So stay tuned for it.

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Oh My Nails! #29

This week I used Nfuoh #51 over my O.P.I Midnight in Morocco to create a glittery feel to it. 
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Holiday Gift Guide for Eyes

Eye makeup is very fun to play around with from colorful to neutral. 

1. INGLOT AMC Pure Pigments from INGLOT Cosmetics
2. Illamasqua Precision Ink in Havoc from Illamasqua
3. Best Pigmented Eyeshadows around! from Sugarpill
4. INGLOT Eyeshadow Palette (or any other preferred brand palette) from INGLOT Cosmetics


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Holiday Gift Guide for Cheeks

I like my blushes to be more neutral than colorful so I tend to go for the more shimmery pinks and nudes. 
1. NARS Orgasm Blush from NARS Cosmetics
2. NARS Multipurpose stick from NARS Cosmetics
3. MAC Blush available at any MAC counter near you 
4. Illamsqua Blush from Illamasqua

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Versace for H&M SS12

Versace teamed up with H&M for the first collection that launched on Nov. 17 and now has created a second collection for H&M also. This collection is meant for Spring time and has whites and purples with fruits on them. This collection will only be found online, there won't be any items in the store. It launches on January 19, 2012. 
I personally didn't see anything I liked except these shorts and the earrings but check the entire collection out at Fashionista and decide for yourself. 

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Holiday Gift Guide for Nails

I am obsessed with anything that has to do with nails and nail art so if someone you know also shares this obsession here are some great gift ideas. 
1. NCLA Nail Stickers from NCLA
2. Sephora Nail Stickers (in my opinion the best ones) available at any Sephora near you (costs about 9)
3. O.P.I mini nail sets (the set costs the price of one nail polish) available at any Sephora near you
4. Nail Art Pens and Polishes from Boozyshop

Have a Happy Holiday everyone! 

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Spontaneous Sale Going on at Lime Crime

Sales are always good to have! Lime Crime is having a spontaneous sale on certain products so go check it out and maybe you will find yourself something for Christmas. I personally love their eyeshadow helper and it only costs $10 right now! 

The sale will last till December 13, so hurry and go check it out! 

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashion Obsessed

Gifts for the fashion obsessed person in your family or for yourself. 
1. LVK Skull Bracelet from Boticca
2. Neon Belt from ASOS
3. Great Party Dress from ASOS
4. Glittery Shoes for the Holidays from Nelly
5. Colorful Necklaces from Spike the Punch
6. Metallic Gold Cambridge Satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company

Hope this helps! =] 

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A few weeks ago a web shop in Holland Alice & Jo was having a buy 3 pay for 2 discount on Sleek Make Up. I decided to get myself some goodies and it is my first time buying any Sleek products and I heard so much good things about them and they were not lying. These products are GREAT! I got 2 pout paints Peachykeen and Port and I got my first pair of eyelashes to test out and also two Divine palettes in Oh So Special (which is the last picture) and Mediterranean collection Monaco. The colors are very pigmented and so nice I can't wait to use them on my eyes and the pout paints are very similar to the OCC liptars. The Peachykeen pout paint actually looks even better in the pictures. I am definitely looking forward to getting some more Sleek products.

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