I have been such a bad blogger lately, I have had no inspiration what so ever and been very busy with my lifestyle change. My day mostly consists of me going to the gym twice a day everyday and also doing Insanity. I love Insanity, it's really intense and you really get a good workout. I have been making a lifestyle change by eating healthier and being more active. I will keep you guys posted about my change. Anywho so I was on Tumblr and figured I could share some inspirational photos and quotes that I use to keep myself motivated and could help others. Hopefully I will be more inspired soon!

Are you working hard for that beach body as well? 

All pictures from Tumblr

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New In: Shopbop

I think its safe to say I have an obsession with sales and shopping! I ordered these babies I have been eying for awhile on Shopbop. I got these amazing snake print Current Elliot jeans and black Drew Cage Rebecca Minkoff heels! I have been wanting those heels for the longest time and they didn't have my size and yesterday I was browsing and they had it in my size and so with no hesitation I proceeded to purchase. But then I thought since I am already purchasing these shoes why don't I check out what else I wanted that was on sale to get and next thing I know these jeans where in my cart! 
I was never a fan of snake print but these jeans are an exception, they are way more classy looking than some I have seen. 

Anywhoo, scored any sale items lately? 

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New In: Zara Sale

I have a love and hate relationship with the Zara sale. I love it because I can get so many great pieces cheaper and I hate it because I spend so much money at the sale. I bought some of these online and the rest I went to the store and bought them. I got so many good stuff for myself and even some for my mom which are not pictured. 
1. I got a grey sweater with silver detailing and these shoes which I will be deconstructing for a DIY
2. Yellow lace shirt and the back is completely lace, so gorgeous, floral shorts and a simple black and lace top 
3. Black sweater for when winter comes around again, amazing floral mullet skirt and this really cute blouse
4. The back of the cute blouse from the previous picture 
5. A simple striped shirt and a blouse
I also got a black dress but for some reason I have failed to take a picture of it, I think its in the wash. 
I think I really scored some great stuff in the Zara sale. 

Did any of you guys get something from the Zara sale? 

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New In: Zara

I bought this white Zara vest a while ago but I kept forgetting about it until now! I love this vest it can give a girly outfit a little bit of an edge in an instant and it's also white, which mean it can go with everything! Hopefully I will take it out one of these days now that its summer. And lets keep hoping this summer weather stays in Holland and it doesn't get cold all of a sudden. 

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ASOS Marketplace

I recently created an account on ASOS Marketplace to sell some of my shoes. Currently I only have 3 for sale since my bf's sisters came over and bought some. I have so many shoes and the sad part is that some of them I have never worn like the black Shoedazzle booties and brown Jessica Simpson platforms. I still have some shoes in storage that I haven't worn yet or only wore once but I can't seem to part with them yet. If you would like to check them out you can do so here. Hopefully I can get them to sell or else they will just go to goodwill I guess or the trash. 


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New In: Lime Crime

A few months ago I made a post about the new eyeliners that Lime Crime came out with and of course I had to get my hands on the black one, Quill. My MAC black liquid eyeliner finished therefore I decided to buy this one while I was at it. I am not the biggest fan of the brush of the eyeliner but I can work with it. I also got the Dragon Scales eyeshadow which I absolutely love! I might need to get another one because they are going to be discontinued, if you want to purchase some of the magic dusts use the code EXTRAMAGIC to get 15% off.

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