Isles Jewelry

Hello ladies and gents (maybe), I have totally been ignoring my blog for the past year I believe. I just got so busy with school and then my study abroad and also a new venture I began which is Isles Jewelry. In December 2012 I went home (Curacao) for a much needed HOT vacation from cold Holland. While I was there I felt so inspired by all the beauty my Island has to offer and I have been talking to my boyfriend about starting my own jewelry line for quite some time now so I decided to just do it (as Nike would say). I have been working on this since January when I go back from my vacation and a few weeks ago I opened my little online shop on Etsy! I love Etsy! I always would shop on Etsy and I am so grateful that now I get to show off my pieces on their website! You can check out my shop on www.islesjewelry.com and follow me on Instagram @islesjewelry
Here are some photos from my pieces.

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