Beauty So Clean

I recently bought this travel size cosmetic sanitizer mist by Beauty So Clean to test out and see how it works. I think its a very good product for make up artists and make up lovers. Basically what you do is spray it on any powder-based product you have. It removes bacteria and germs from it and it doesn't harm your make up and keeps it looking new. I tried out this product and I really like it and I will be purchasing a full size one soon. I also bought a second travel size one for a giveaway I am planning for the end of January 2012, so stay tuned for it. I bought mine at Pro MakeUp Store 

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  1. Looks great. Can't wait for a review

  2. I love this product! They have wipes too, for lipstick and mascaras and a killer brush cleaner, that leaves your brushes soft and clean. They have great deals on their website too.

  3. I love this product too! On their websit you can get the pro size in the brush cleanser, mist and the box of wipes for a great price. I recommend their wipes because I love how they not only removes the bacteria from my mascara but the clumps too!

  4. Beauty so Clean..the whole product line is terrific. I use it everyday and on my clients. Gone are the skin break outs and eye infections from bacteria laden make up since I strated using BSC a year ago. I highly recommend BSC. Love from: Dermaroller Stillife on Face Book


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