Birthday Nails!

A little black nail polish and some sparkly glittery silver to top it off perfect for my 21st. Today is my little family BBQ and Monday is my official birthday, will take loads of pics to share =] 



I want these babies in my life! They are Darian by Jeffrey Campbell. My birthday is next week Monday so maybe I will get some money and use it to purchase these lovely shoes! 

Would you wear them?


Oh My Nails! #14

I know I haven't posted new nail styles in a while but its because I had to let my nails breather for awhile. Painting them too much is not always good so they had to take a little break. But here we are again with the new nails for the new week. Have a great week everyone! 


Oh My Nails! #13

Yes it's Monday but being on vacation is making me loose track of the days (oopsie). I got this new gold glitter nail polish from Milani and I just had to put them on. This week my nails are very tramp-like but I love it!

Hate it or Love it?

Electric Blue

I finally got my hands on the YSL Arty Ovale ring! All the colors were gorgeous but I fell in love with the electric blue one. I have been wearing it everyday since I got it and I keep getting so many compliments on it! 


Came Home to A New Room

Before I leave for my week long shopping trip, I want to share some pictures of my new room. When I came home from HO-LLAND (haha get it?) I was surprised with a newly decorated room! My room used to be red and black very red light district-ish (the irony that now I live in the red light district country) anywho yes my room, I was so happy to find a calm and neutral room waiting for me to break it in! The neutral colors tone down the room but the beautiful painting (my BFF's mom painted it) gives it a touch of color and also the little post with a bunch of photos of me and all my friends (oh those high school days). 
I am really happy with my room and I know I'm going to be sad to leave it in August (sigh).

Canary Yellow

My boyfriend scored this awesome ring for me at one of the local stores here in Curacao. The store is closing down so they had 50% off on everything! Who doesn't love a sale? I love this ring soooo much! The yellow is gorgeous and the ring is very classical. 
I'm really into the rockerish type rings but a girl can always use a classic touch to any outfit, right? 

In about 3 hours I will be flying to Miami! Hope I don't spend too much!


Mr. Kate

"The Mr. Kate logo is a mustache and beauty mark because they are two iconic images that represent humor (Groucho Marx etc.) and beauty (Marilyn Monroe etc.)."

It's no secret that I have an obsession with jewelry! I think when I go back to Holland I might do a post dedicated to my jewelry box! Anywho a few months ago I cam across Mr. Kate. "The Mr. Kate jewelry line is a reflection of the Mr. Kate lifestyle and aesthetic with it’s handmade and truly unique pieces." Kate Albrecht is the creator of this line and let me tell you this lady is creative! Power to all the powerful and creative women out there man! She is one of them! Her pieces are amazing and very eccentric. I absolutely love this jewelry line and you should too! These are some of my favorite pieces. 

If you like these photos go check out Mr. Kate. 
Website: mrkate.com
Facebook: here
Twitter: here

Oh My Nails! #12

I know its not Sunday anymore but better late than never! This time I did it before Sunday because I would be traveling on Saturday to go home! And I am home now! Woohooo! So this time I painted my nails red and then took my gold nail polish and put some on a sponge and dabbed it on my nails! I wanted some sparkly red nails but didn't have that color so I made it myself! 


Modern Hippie or A Gypsy

 A modernized hippie or a gypsy or both? Love this style!

Ring Bearer

The pictures speak for themselves! Rings from Dannijo and Pamela Love! Oh my obsession with them! Rings from their Fall Collection, I am sure I will be making some damage to my cards purchasing all these rings! Anything for you? 

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