Polyvore: Building Summer Looks Around 3 Rings

I haven't really worked on Polyvore in a long time so since I'm awake so early I decided to make three sets. I picked out three rings I am obsessed with and I want all 3 and made 3 sets around them for Summer.

Those are the rings. The cross and caged ring is from Forever 21 and the gold cubed ring is from Not Just a Label.  
I went for a color blocking look, a nude look and also an edgy look. 


I played around with the backgrounds and the clothes. I do really love the Sam Edelman studded booties in the second look (I'm gonna have to see if I can get me a pair.. eeek! I already hear the credit card crying).

What do you think of the rings and the looks I made with them? Anything you would wear?


My First Ever Shopping Haul

Hello ladies! So this is the first Haul I have ever done before! I normally don't make one because I don't go shopping too much, I try to stay away from the city because I truly do have a shopping problem. Also lately I haven't gone shopping because Saturday I leave to Curacao and then next week Friday I go to Miami for a week so that means shopping! Well actually I have SIX (I would put a number but capitalized letter makes more of an emphasis on the word) packages waiting for me already at my aunt's house in Miami, yea I know its bad hehehe but yes getting back to my point. I went shopping the past two days to get gifts for my family, since almost all our birthdays are in the summer, and I couldn't resist doing a little shopping for myself specifically from Zara and H&M! Here are the pics!

These two tops are form Zara, I love yellow and had to have it! 

I actually ordered these shoes from H&M at the end of April but they kept delaying the delivery date so I had to cancel my order because they would deliver them all the way in August. Went to the store and found them! 

What do you guys think of my pieces? Do you have a shopping problem too? Share with me if you'd like! =]



Style Icon: Camilla Belle

I love to look at other people's style since I myself don't have one sense of style per say. I like to wear a bunch of different things and I am a very picky person with clothes and shoes and all that shebang! But one person that always has a great sense of style and is gorgeous is Camilla Belle. She can pull almost anything off and it will look beautiful. Here are some pics of my favorite looks of her. Do you guys have any style icons? Please Share!



Oh My Nails! #11

So I haven't posted any new nail styles lately but this weekend I tried a new one. I did some color blocking on my nails this weekend. I did some red nails and turquoise! Yea it sounds a little weird but it actually looks really nice. Let me know what you think!



Color Friendly

Hello lovies! So I finally have finished everything for school and I finally got to start my awesome summer vacay! Next weekend I will be flying home to my lovely island, Curacao, and to my family of course! But along with going home I will also be visiting my aunt in MIA, can't wait! While I'm in the States, I plan on doing a lot of shopping, well actually I have already done some damage and did some online shopping and sent it all to my aunts house so I have some awesome packages to open when I get there. But yes, I'm getting carried away again! I was checking out Style.com and saw these two pictures that really stood out to me and while I ma on my trip in Miami I will be on the look out for these colors! I have always loved yellow and I have some yellow pieces in my array of clothing but for some reason this yellow just stands out to me, no idea why. But I REALLY love the salmon pink with the purple, so cute and great color blocking! Hopefully I will find some type of clothing in these colors! Wish me Luck!


P.S: I will posting many pics of my vacation home starting next week!


Trend Watch: Arm Candy Much?

Hellooo again my lovelies! Soooooo I have been looking at a lot of trends for this summer or basically this year! One of the trends I have seen all over fashion blog and tumblr and so forth is arm candy or also known as arm parties! Basically its just a bunch of well put bracelets on someone's arm. I want to try this trend and I can't wait to get some new bracelets! I found some of these awesome photos on Jak and Jil, a blog from Tommy Ton (who is an awesome photographer)! Check out the blog but also check out these photos!
What do you think? A trend you will be trying? Or maybe already wearing some arm candy, if so please share!



Summer Time Calls for Colors!

Hellooo ladies, so I have been very busy lately and it still doesn't seem to slow down. In exactly 19 days I will finally be in Curacao (my home) and going to the beach! Over the summer when I am on vacation I have some awesome posts set up for you and also a potential blog giveaway when I return back to reality! Anywho for now I have been just searching around on the internet and found these awesome photos filled with lots of color. Since its summer time colors are bursting out of everyone's closets!

Check out these photos and let me know what you think!



Oh My Nails! #10

So this week again I decided just to do one simple color, I think its because its quick and easy so i can continue with school stuff. Anyway I made it hot pink this week! I love this color soooo sooo much and its perfect for summer! I know my nails look a little messy now because I did them in a hurry but its ok!


Tattoo Inspiration

Helloooooooo out there! Even though its summer and the weather is better than it used to be, I'm still a busy bee. I still have some things to finish for school ugh! All I know is that after June 23rd I am officially on vacation and I can't wait!! I love tumblring everyday and I found some pretty cool pics of tattoos. I was always fascinated with tattoos but I am a very picky person. I don't like colored tattoos and nothing on the face and stuff, I would go for more hidden places but that's just me! Check out some of these photos! I think they are pretty cool and I think I have an obsession with feathers and birds hehehhe

Let me know what you think of the photos! And do you have any faves? or any tatts?


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