Oh My Nails! #25 Halloween Edition

Blood spatter nails!
Really easy to make just put a base color on your nails make sure u put tape to cover your skin so that you don't get too much polish all over your fingers. Take a straw and dip it in the polish you want to splatter and then blow. And you've got yourself some blood spattered nails!


Nicki Minaj for O.P.I Collection 2012

Nicki Minaj is collaborating with O.P.I for her new nail polish collection. I am sooo excited but I don't know if they will be available here in the Netherlands but in January 2012 it will launch in the US.

The shade names are (from left to right): "Super Bass" (purple shatter, excitement!!), "Metallic 4 Life", "Save Me", "Fly", "Did It On Em" and "Pink Friday". I want them all! Well I could do without the pink one but for the rest I need to have them especially the purple shatter! 

Are you guys looking forward to this collection?


Oh My Nails! #24 Halloween Edition

Frakenstein Nails! 

Oh My Nails! #23 Halloween Edition

My nails polish looks yellow but its actually a lime green. 


MAC Posh Paradise

YAYYYYY!! I saw swatches on Temptalia of the MAC Posh Paradise Collection and I was counting down the days for this collection to arrive here in the Netherlands. It finally did this past weekend! I woke up early (which I never do) t make sure that I would get the two products I needed to have. I saved up some money to buy them because here they can be very expensive. I got the Halfwild Paint Pot and the Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick. I am supper happy with them and I love them so much that I don't even want to use it so it doesn't finish! I also got the MAC Fix +, I heard a lot of good things about it and the fact that I can use it to refresh my face and also set my make-up makes is great. 

If you got anything from the collection please share =] 


New In: Accessories and Clothes

The other day I woke up extremely early to go to De Bijenkorf to get my MAC Posh Paradise collection products. And so I decided to do a little shopping since H&M has a sale going on and I went in... I got three simple shirts that are absolutely cute. I got a little bow hair accessory and no racism set of nail polish. I also got two hair donuts from Claire's and that amazing necklace from Pieces. 


New In: Asos Accessories

Got these two bracelets from Asos a few weeks ago when they were having sale. 


Oh My Nails! #23

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! So I did some pink nails! =]

Summer Vacay Shoes Haul

Yay! Another video haul about my shoes! 
Enjoy! =] 


Catrice Eyeshadows

When I came back to The Hague from my wonderful vacation home (Curacao) I decided I would buy some Catrice eyeshadows and see for myself if I liked them or not. 
I had read many beauty blogs and heard about the Catrice eyeshadows and how they came out with a new line and better products and more colors. I picked up three of them at Etos (Dutch drugstore). I really like the colors and they are pretty pigmented. 

1. Heidi Plum #280
2. Petrol Keeps Me Running #190
3. Dalai Drama #320  
I adore the last one, the orangey color. Can't wait to create some looks with these. 


Oh My Nails! #22

A little bit of color instead of the usual french manicure =]
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