Violent Lips Again

I gave in and bought myself some more Violent Lips tattoos as you can see in the first picture. They recently came out with some new ones which I also wanna get, hehe. Will see what the new year will bring for me and whether I will get them or not. I got the red glitterrati, the pink stars and the pink bite. You can check out my previous post about Violent Lips here

I actually ended up trying my rainbow one a few days ago. It didn't come out perfect but its ok because I plan on testing them out again on Christmas. I will say for the first few seconds it feels a little weird on but then you get used to it. Also it wasn't so easy for me to put them on but practice makes perfect! 

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  1. Nabilaaaa! if you are going to get a few more this year, can you let me know so i'll send you money on your bank account.. since i don't have a credit card? pretty please?


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