Oh My Nails! #18

I got these nail polish stickers for the first time earlier this week and I got the leopard ones as a gift for purchasing the nail stickers. I thought that these might be a little annoying and stuff to work with but they are actually pretty easy to put on. Can't wait for them to stock up some different styles. 


Oh My Nails! #17

This week I finally found a nice grey nail polish that looks good with my skin tone! 


Oh My Nails! #16

This week I opted for a neon purple nail polish and then I put a matte top coat over it. It looks cooler on than it does in these pictures, but still point is its kick ass! =] 


Oh My Nails! #15

This week its a matte orangey coral nail polish =] loves it! Do you?


More Shopping Please

Just ordered these two babies on sale on Nordstrom. Can't wait to wear them!! The loafers are from Steven by Steve Madden called Madee and the other one is Dolce Vita DV Wyatt Booties. 


A Little Beauty Haul

I was never a fan of make-up but lately I like it more and more. But only subtle looks. 
1. My Finding Mr. Bright set from Benefit, High brow by Benefit, Tinted Moisturizer by Benefit, MAC Lipstick in an orange color, MAC Lip Primer and Nail Polishes from Milani and Shatter Effect by O.P.I
2. Inside the Finding Mr. Bright set you get a erase paste which is concealer especially for near the eyes, and the other three products are all cheek or lip stains and they can actually be used anywhere on your face. 

3. Eyeshadows from MAC and Milani and also two blushes from Milani

4. More Nail Polish from Milani and China Glaze (some of my favorite colors) 

5. Some new brushes to add to the collection


A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way...

Some inspirational photos to keep you and I going through life. 
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