Beauty Tip: Nail Growth and Strengthening

Hey loves!

Still working on posting more on my blog. I am thinking about starting beauty tip posts. These posts will consist of anything related to hair, nails, skin and anything else I find relevant. They are tips I use myself in my beauty routine.

For the first beauty tip post I will give you a tip about nail growth and strengthening. My mom never allowed me to get acrylic nails when I was younger and I wanted them so bad. I secretly went behind her back and got them done one day and to be honest it was the biggest mistake I ever made, and I've made quite a few mistake in my life. Within a week I had already broken 4 of my nails. That shits way to expensive and too much work to keep them from breaking, for me. Never got them again! I pulled the rest all off! Kudos to those who can do pretty much everything with them and also those stiletto nails, oh god no! Knowing myself I would probably hurt myself and others with those things. 

Back to my point,  I decided to start taking better care of my nails and my aunt told me that to get my nails to grow and be strong I should use garlic. Yes, garlic! Garlic has many wonders and not only for your food, it can keep vampires away too, which is always a plus right? If you want your nails to long and strong chop up some fresh garlic and put it on a bottle of clear nail polish. Let it sit for 7 days and then you can use it just like any other nail polish. It may have a little scent at first but it goes away. 

If you happen to try this out, or already do it, let me know! I have been doing it for years and it works so good for me! The nail polish I'm wearing is Superstar by Deborah Lippmann. 


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