My Fab Finds: The Long Awaited Wing Ring

Oh my! I have been dying for a decent looking wing ring! I blogged about how I was trying to find the wing ring that Ashley Benson had in Pretty Little Liars, you can read it here, but I had no luck what so ever! It didn't say where it was from or anything but to my luck I found a wing ring that was similar and I am pretty happy with it!

I will still be on the search for the one from Pretty Little Liars but for the meantime this one will do! What do you guys think of my ring? Let me know!



Oh My Nails! #5

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you guys have a wonderful day and go egg hunting!

Well its Sunday and the tradition states today calls for new nails! This time I did the water marble art. I learned about this a few months ago from Confessions of This Shopaholic. She posted a youtube video tutorial from Simple Little Pleasures you can visit her channel here. Here is one of my favorite of her tutorials of water marble.

I did my own water marble but I was not able to film it because I don't have a camera stand and so I took pictures of the steps.

So for step 1: Its materials. You need a cup or you can do like me and cut the bottom of a small water bottle and use that. You will also need a wood stick for nail art. I got a pack at Sephora for 2 euros and paper towel to clean the wooden stick. Also some tape and of course the color nail polish you want to use.

After you have gather your supplies, fill the cup with room temperature water. Make sure you wiped down your nails and have a base coat of nail polish (a color that goes along with your other choices) and also put the tape around the base so you don't get nail polish all over your finger.

Then you can start with the water marble. All you have to do is take the nail polish brush and let it drop into the water. Do one drop of one color and then one drop of the next and keep going, I did each 5 times and then make your design. And it should look like this:

When you made a design you like dip your fingers in the water and then using your wooden stick get rid of the excess polish and then take your fingers out. 


When your all done it should look like this:


I promise next time I will make a video and that there will be more tutorials coming soon!


Let me know what you guys think about this nail art. =]


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Hola mis amores! I am so fed up with school, so its the perfect time to blog! I have many fashion icons, I guess because I like many different styles. I grew up watching the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House and in their mystery videos. I literally have seen all their movies and I used to own them all! hihi Anyway I do believe that they have evolved to fashion icons. I think that they have such a unique style and I like most of the things they wear, NOT ALL. Some are a big NO NO! I also love their clothing line Elizabeth and James you can find their website here. The clothes and shoes and jewelry are definitely my style and stuff that I would most likely wear. Anywho yes back to my point, I found some pictures online of my favorite looks of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and I think they also inspire me and how I dress everyday and it gives me tips and ideas to incorporate into my style. What do you guys think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's style and these photos? Let me know!

Nabi =]





Be Like A Beautiful Colorful Bird

Yes I am talking about feathers today!! I first saw this trend on Pretty Little Liars. On one of the episodes Lucy Hale (Aria) wore these beautiful feather earrings and I just fell in love with this trend. I follow Lucy Hale on twitter and I found out from who she buys these gorgeous earrings from. They are from By Samii Ryan. I went to check out her online stores and let me tell you, she has such amazing products! And I guess since I am into Samii Ryan's style I fell in love with the colors and the meaning behind each feather. She sells feather earrings and feather hair clips. This summer when I go to Miami, I will be able to get my feathers because I ordered them and sent it to my aunt in the States so I will post pictures in the summer, which is kind of far away but still! I also follow this awesome blog Gary Pepper Vintage, its by this girl Nicole who lives in Australia and she also has an online store Gary Pepper Vintage and she has all these amazing vintage pieces on there, you should definitely check it out! On her blog I came to know about Headmistress. On this online store there are feather rings, earrings, headbands and turbans. The colors are so bright and beautiful that you can't help but fall in love with each and every piece. Oh and I would like to mention that I think that both sites have very affordable pieces. Anyways ladies check these photos out and go check the websites! If you love this trend and want to try it, this is where you will find the best pieces!


These photos are from Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage.



These are the ones of By Samii Ryan. I love the last picture with the three blue feathers! 

These ones are from Headmistress. I love the last ring! 

You can follow Gary Pepper Vintage on Facebook here and on twitter here.
You can follow By Samii Ryan on Facebook here and on twitter here.
You can follow Headmistress on Facebook here and on twitter here

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did writing about it! =] Check these sites and please let me know what you guys think of this trend and if you would wear one of these feather accessories or not. 




Oh My Nails! #4

This week its all about GOLD! I finally got the chance to wear my gold colored nail polish and I am super excited about it! I love love love how it looks! Depending on the lighting, sometimes it looks like its silver. What do you guys think about this color?



Beauty Before Breakfast

I have been following Beauty Before Breakfast for awhile now. She has great post about all stuff beauty. She lives in Holland  and unfortunately for some of my readers her blog is in Dutch. But any of my Dutch speaking readers head over and check out her blog! She recently got 100 followers and to celebrate it she is doing a giveaway for her readers who live in the Netherlands and in Belgium! So if you do go check it out here. You can enter here giveaway here! She is giving away one set of 4 nail polishes from essence to one reader and another set of 4 nail polishes from O.P.I. You can pick which one you would love to win and leave her a comment that you entered and your e-mail! Enjoy! Hope you guys enter!! The giveaway ends on the 23rd of April! So get to it ladies!!

All That Glitter Ain't Gold

I love gold jewelry since it looks good on my skin color. But NOW gold is in and is everywhere!! Gold nail polish = AMAZING!!  I got mine a few weeks ago and just got the chance to put it on, stay tuned for pictures 2morrow. =] Gold is a really fun trend this year. There is gold in the hair, gold hair accessories, gold nails and gold make-up! There is just no words on how awesome this trend is! Check out some pictures I found using the Gold Trend!! Hope you enjoy them! Oh and share your thoughts on what you think is a hit or miss! 



Oh My Nails! #3

Hello everyone!! So its Sunday again and a new week will begin so this calls for a new nail polish week! So this week I felt like doing something different and I used my new O.P.I mint green nail polish that I bought yesterday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color and I am so happy I got it in the end. I also took some photos of the new polishes I recently got so check them out! Hope you like them!

These are photos of the new polishes I got! The first one on my thumb is Gold Foil, then Gunmetal, Seafoam spray (which is a light green glittery color you can't really see it in the picture), then the mint green one I just purchased yesterday and last Hearty Party!

These are the photos of today! 

This one has little pink polka dots on it. 

This one you can't really see it but I took a sponge (the ones you use for base or other makeup products) and sponged on one half a light pink and the other half white.

Yea my stripes didn't come out too good but that's because I don't have the thinner brushes, so my next purchase will be those!! 

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