Sweet Pea and Fay

My latest obsession is lip gloss! I was on Etsy and I found a shop SweetPea and Fay. They sell make up and the colors are gorgeous and they have a really wide range of eye shadows on their shop and yes hey ship internationally which is always a plus. I bought 4 lip glosses and an eyeshadow. One gloss and the eyeshadow will be in a package for a giveaway I have coming up. 

Moving on.. The 3 glosses I got are Heliotrope, The Gilded Lady and Ranunculus from theire J'adore Les Levres collection. The collection is out of stock but on their facebook page it says it will be back mid January. I love the names of these products especially Ranunculus! I don't know if its a word but its amazing! 

The lavender colored lip gloss is very smooth and shiny I absolutely love it and it is called Heliotrope. The pink lip gloss gives more of a matte finish (and I lately prefer the matte lipsticks over shinier ones) and it has the lovely name Ranunculus. Last but not least is the amazing out of this world goldish bronze color which is The Gilded Lady. I love it because its not your typical lip gloss but it is still wearable! 

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