Oh My Nails! #38

Some nice matte nails for the new week! These are the same as the Diego Binetti Runway Nails (view post here) and then I just added the matte top coat to it and I love it! 
Have a lovely week! 

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DIY Peter Pan Chain Collar

Peter Pan collars continue to be very popular this season. There are many different types of peter pan collars and today I decided to show you how you can get in on this trend as well. The Peter Pan Chain Collar is a bit more understated that the regular Peter Pan collars. 
What you will need: 
- 1 meter of gold chain
- 1 lobster clasp 
- 5 jump rings 
- pliers

1. Cut your chain into three pieces. One piece being about 50cm long and two about 25cm long. 
2. Create the base of your necklace by taking the longer piece of chain and putting one jump ring on one end and on the other end one jump ring and attach the lobster clasp to it. 
3. In the middle of the long chain attach a jump ring and attach the two other equal pieces of chain to it.
4. Put the necklace on and in the mirror hold up the two equal pieces and see where you think the collar parts of the necklace should sit. Measure it by seeing how round the collar is.
5. After you have decided where your collar shall be use a jump ring and attach the shorter piece ot the base necklace to make your collar. Do this for each side. 
Et Viola! You have made your own Peter Pan Chain Collar! 
If you make one yourself please do share! 

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