Isles Jewelry Photoshoot

In a previous post I mentioned how I started my own handmade jewelry line called Isles Jewelry. I convinced a friend of mine to let me take photos of her with my jewelry on. Lucky enough she was more than pleased to do me this favor. I am obviously not a professional photographer but you do the best you can with what you've got, right? The pictures came out pretty great and I can't wait to take some more of my new pieces coming for Fall. Check out the photos and check out my shop www.islesjewelry.com I will be posting sneak peeks of the Fall collection on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow me! Enjoy the pics! Also check out Fashion Zen blogger, Iris, wearing my rings!



Fall Wishlist

Oh Gosh! I'm dying over all these fall items!!! Did a little trolling on the Internet today. The usual suspects are Zara, H&M and Nelly. I don't know who told me to go see what they have because just looking made my wallet cry! Found some great items I want need!

                                                Audry Boot by Notion 1.3 - € 59,95


What do you guys think of the items I have chosen? There will probably more Fall Wishlist posts coming since Fall just began and this seasons fashion is looking amazeballs!! 



Kitty Cat Blouse

Best purchase I ever made this year!

Love this shirt soooo much! I bought is on Asos but its from Monki. Wearing it with my awesome jewelry available at www.islesjewelry.com

I am positive I will be a repeat offender with this shirt, got so much love for it!! 


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