So I thought my school nightmare was over but I guess not! Got some more assignments to finish and so not fun! Damn my summer vacay seems to get further and further away every day. Anywho enough about la escuela! I have been considering being a redhead lately. As a teenager I always painted my hair, I have had black hair, blonde hair, light brown and dark brown but never red. My mom wouldn't let me which is weird since she let me paint it all those other colors! Anyway ye so redhead. I was inspired by Ariana Grande, I love her red hair its so beautiful except I don't want to go so red. I was thinking maybe an auburn red or so. Here are some photos I gathered. Let me know what you guys think. I think when I go home in the summer (in one month --> EXCITEMENT) I will paint it red, since I have heard some bad things about Dutch hairstylists :s so will see!


Let me know which one is your fave! 


Oh My Nails! #9

Helloooooo! So this week I decided not to do any nail art and keep it simple. I painted my nails a maroonish, wine color! I think its a beautiful color and very simple! Hope you like it!


No Bueno

So I have been a slacking blogger lately because of school. I have been studying for days and days and days but I just couldn't help but post today! Next week Monday will be my last exam woohoo! Means blogging all the time because its summer vacay!!! Who isn't excited? School will be out, the sun will be out and bikinis and to the beach with some cocktails!! Oh I can't wait to go home to my beautiful island and take loads of pictures for all my followers who have never been or ever heard of Curacao! Anyway I wasn't sure what to post about so I just found some random pics so enjoy! Oh and I have a tumblr now! Finally! I am on it almost all the time so check it out: here! Oh I finally got my feathers so will be posting pics with them next week! EXCITEMENT!



Oh My Nails! #8

Hey guys, sorry for not posting this week at all. I am in exam weeks and stuff so dedicating most of my time to school but will try hard to keep up the posts =] .. Check out this weeks new nails! I was trying to do another water marble art set but it didn't work out the way I wanted it to sigh. So I just colored my nails dark blue and made some silver stripes! What do you think?



Oh My Nails! #7

First I want to start with wishing all the mother a Happy mother's day to all the mother out there!! Its Sunday again and this calls for some new nails. This time I wanted to use my recently purchased H&M blue nail polishes. They are such nice colors! Let me know what you guys think of them! =]


May Bag Inspiration

I am not a big fan of bags, usually i make my boyfriend carry whatever it is I need but here in the Netherlands I find myself having to wear a handbag. And this has made me grow to love bags now and I want so many but I don't wear them all the time so I try to not purchase everything I see heheh. check out these awesome bags I would also like to have some day?

Would any of you want one of these? I really love the lime green Celine bag at the end so cute!


May Shoe Inspiration

Shoes shoes and more shoes!! One of my favorite accessories!!

Oh I wish I could have all these shoes! I think this summer I'm gonna try some DIY with shoes styles! Excitement! 



May Style Inspiration

It's a new month people!! This calls for a new moth of inspiration. As promised I said every month I would gather inspirational photos and post them up the beginning of the next month and that brings us to today! Hope you guys enjoy le photos! (yes trying to incorporate my bad french)

What do you guys think? Inspirational?


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