Summer Vacay Cosmetics Haul Part 3

The final part to the collection of polishes and cosmetics I got over the summer. 

1. MAC Matte Lipstick So Chaud #A41
2. MAC Prep+Prime Lip Primer 

1. MAC Liquidlast Liner Aqualine 
2. MAC Liquidlast Liner Blue Herizon

MAC Screen Couples Eyeshadow

1. MAC Eyeshadow Tilt 
2. MAC Eyeshadow Steamy

1. Milani Neon Rad Purple #506
2. Milani Neon Awesome Orange #502 (third in swatch)
3. Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle #521
4. China Glaze Peachy Keen #868

We have reached the end of my cosmetic purchases over the summer, I do own more makeup, hihihi
Hope you enjoyed my post!
Have any new beauty products lately? 

Summer Vacay Cosmetics Haul Part 2

In Curacao we already had a MAC Cosmetics store and now there is also an Inglot. It was my first time ever going to Inglot and let me tell you I loved the service there and I was very upset that I couldn't take any make-up lessons there since I didn't have enough time because my vacation was coming to an end. The products are great and very pigmented and not too expensive. I went there three times and bought stuff every single time.

My first Inglot Freedom System palette. 
1. Eyeshadow Pearl #428
2. Eyeshadow AMC Shine #14
3. Eyeshadow Matte #372
4. Eyeshadow Matte #388
5. Eyeshadow Pearl #395

Love the pigments!
1. AMC Eyeshadow #88
2. AMC Eyeshadow #23
3. AMC Eyeshadow #79
4. AMC Eyeshadow #77

1. AMC Gel Eyeliner Matte #81
2. Eyeliner #525
3. Jumbo Eye Pencil # 80
4. Jumbo Eye Pencil #85
5. Liquid Eyeliner #36
6. Liquid Eyeliner #38

Amazing Matte Lipsticks 
1. Matte Lipstick #419
2. Matte Lipstick #401
3. matte Lipstick #402

1. Duraline for Eyeshadow Pigments to make them stronger.
2. Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup 
3. Brush Cleanser

Of course I had to score some awesome nail polishes for my weekly nails.
1. Nail Art Enamel #30 
2. Nail Art Enamel #32 
3. Matte Top Coat (on my pinkie in the swatch)
4. Matte Nail Enamel #722 (Yellow)
5. Matte Nail Enamel #723(Coral) 

Inglot Dry and Shine liquid. It really does make your nail polish dry faster and also gives it an extra shine. 

Well this was definitely a photo overload post but I think it was well worth it, don't you agree?


Just In: Nail Goodies

 I made this order a while back but didn't receive it till recently because the owners of the webshop Nail XL were on vacation. I got a Nfu Oh nail polish #51 and a Minx Nails set. I put a blurry picture to show the flakes in the Nfu Oh nail polish, its such a beautiful rich color and I really want to get some more in the future. 
I have used different kinds of nail stickers but I have been really curious to try out the Minx Nails. I know you have to do it at the nail salon but I couldn't find one here in the Netherlands and the steps are simple to follow so when I test them out I will let you guys know how it went.


Summer Vacay Cosmetics Haul Part 1

Over the summer I did a lot of shopping for beauty products. I got so much great stuff and I just had to share.

Benefit Cosmetics' Finding Mr. Bright set which includes Girl Meets Pearl, Posie Tint, High Beam and Erase Paste (concealer). I also got from Benefit Cosmetics their High Brow which is basically like a highlighter and it really helps to cover up unwaxed hairs. Great products overall! 

From Milani I got a baked eyeshadow, you can use with water or without. With water it gives more of an effect. Along with that I got a blush and a bronzer and blush set. 
1. Milani Runway Eyes Caribbean Sea #09
2. Milani Powder Mosaics Honey Kissed #02
3. Milani Sunset Duos Sunset Shores #04

I have used all these products already and they give great color and I absolutely love them!


A Great Gift

My boyfriend got me this awesome wallet since he had been complaining about my old one. Which, let me note, was in very good condition and not broken or anything like that. I love this new wallet and I really love the simple beige color. 


Sephora 3 for 10,- VIP Night

Proof of my adventure at Sephora's VIP night of 3 products for 10 Euros. I was lucky enough that I didn't have any nail polish on because we tested quite a few before deciding which one to buy. I also tested out some Make Up Forever eyeliners.

Really cute Too Face packaging, it makes me not want to throw it out because its sooo cute!

These are all the products I got at Sephora. The 3 for 10 was only on Sephora brand make-up but everything else in the store was 15% off. The VIP night was lots of fun, I went to the one in Rotterdam and I am really happy I went because I got some tips and also the one in Rotterdam had more selection than the one in Den Haag in my opinion. I swatched all the products I got except for the Sephora Wrinkle Filler (better to star now rather than wait till they arrive), Sephora Perfection Primer (I tried it on my hands and it doesn't feel oily and it dries pretty fast), Sephora Makeup Setting Mist and the Sephora Toner (very refreshing). 

1. Metallic Green #67
2. Metallic Purple #81 
3. Matte Gray # 78
4. Sparkling Pink #71

1. Crayon Jumbo Liner in Purple #15
2. Make Up Forever Aqua Liner #11
3. Too Face Glamour Dust Glitter Pigments in Pink Fire

1. Sephora Eyeshadow Stephane #38 
2. Sephora Duo Eyeshadow (blue and green swatch) Tropical Blue #09
3. Sephora Eyeshadow I Love the 80's #68
4. Sephora Eyeshadow Sweet Candy #28

I am super happy with all the products I got and can't wait for next year!

Did any of you get anything at the Sephora sale here in the Netherlands?

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