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Hello lovies! So I finally have finished everything for school and I finally got to start my awesome summer vacay! Next weekend I will be flying home to my lovely island, Curacao, and to my family of course! But along with going home I will also be visiting my aunt in MIA, can't wait! While I'm in the States, I plan on doing a lot of shopping, well actually I have already done some damage and did some online shopping and sent it all to my aunts house so I have some awesome packages to open when I get there. But yes, I'm getting carried away again! I was checking out Style.com and saw these two pictures that really stood out to me and while I ma on my trip in Miami I will be on the look out for these colors! I have always loved yellow and I have some yellow pieces in my array of clothing but for some reason this yellow just stands out to me, no idea why. But I REALLY love the salmon pink with the purple, so cute and great color blocking! Hopefully I will find some type of clothing in these colors! Wish me Luck!


P.S: I will posting many pics of my vacation home starting next week!

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