Trend Watch: Arm Candy Much?

Hellooo again my lovelies! Soooooo I have been looking at a lot of trends for this summer or basically this year! One of the trends I have seen all over fashion blog and tumblr and so forth is arm candy or also known as arm parties! Basically its just a bunch of well put bracelets on someone's arm. I want to try this trend and I can't wait to get some new bracelets! I found some of these awesome photos on Jak and Jil, a blog from Tommy Ton (who is an awesome photographer)! Check out the blog but also check out these photos!
What do you think? A trend you will be trying? Or maybe already wearing some arm candy, if so please share!


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  1. Love it! Especially like those in the 2nd, 3d and the 4th picture!


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