My First Ever Shopping Haul

Hello ladies! So this is the first Haul I have ever done before! I normally don't make one because I don't go shopping too much, I try to stay away from the city because I truly do have a shopping problem. Also lately I haven't gone shopping because Saturday I leave to Curacao and then next week Friday I go to Miami for a week so that means shopping! Well actually I have SIX (I would put a number but capitalized letter makes more of an emphasis on the word) packages waiting for me already at my aunt's house in Miami, yea I know its bad hehehe but yes getting back to my point. I went shopping the past two days to get gifts for my family, since almost all our birthdays are in the summer, and I couldn't resist doing a little shopping for myself specifically from Zara and H&M! Here are the pics!

These two tops are form Zara, I love yellow and had to have it! 

I actually ordered these shoes from H&M at the end of April but they kept delaying the delivery date so I had to cancel my order because they would deliver them all the way in August. Went to the store and found them! 

What do you guys think of my pieces? Do you have a shopping problem too? Share with me if you'd like! =]


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