Oh My Nails! #5

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you guys have a wonderful day and go egg hunting!

Well its Sunday and the tradition states today calls for new nails! This time I did the water marble art. I learned about this a few months ago from Confessions of This Shopaholic. She posted a youtube video tutorial from Simple Little Pleasures you can visit her channel here. Here is one of my favorite of her tutorials of water marble.

I did my own water marble but I was not able to film it because I don't have a camera stand and so I took pictures of the steps.

So for step 1: Its materials. You need a cup or you can do like me and cut the bottom of a small water bottle and use that. You will also need a wood stick for nail art. I got a pack at Sephora for 2 euros and paper towel to clean the wooden stick. Also some tape and of course the color nail polish you want to use.

After you have gather your supplies, fill the cup with room temperature water. Make sure you wiped down your nails and have a base coat of nail polish (a color that goes along with your other choices) and also put the tape around the base so you don't get nail polish all over your finger.

Then you can start with the water marble. All you have to do is take the nail polish brush and let it drop into the water. Do one drop of one color and then one drop of the next and keep going, I did each 5 times and then make your design. And it should look like this:

When you made a design you like dip your fingers in the water and then using your wooden stick get rid of the excess polish and then take your fingers out. 


When your all done it should look like this:


I promise next time I will make a video and that there will be more tutorials coming soon!


Let me know what you guys think about this nail art. =]

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