Oh My Nails! #3

Hello everyone!! So its Sunday again and a new week will begin so this calls for a new nail polish week! So this week I felt like doing something different and I used my new O.P.I mint green nail polish that I bought yesterday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color and I am so happy I got it in the end. I also took some photos of the new polishes I recently got so check them out! Hope you like them!

These are photos of the new polishes I got! The first one on my thumb is Gold Foil, then Gunmetal, Seafoam spray (which is a light green glittery color you can't really see it in the picture), then the mint green one I just purchased yesterday and last Hearty Party!

These are the photos of today! 

This one has little pink polka dots on it. 

This one you can't really see it but I took a sponge (the ones you use for base or other makeup products) and sponged on one half a light pink and the other half white.

Yea my stripes didn't come out too good but that's because I don't have the thinner brushes, so my next purchase will be those!! 


  1. The gold one's gorgeous! And I did kind of like the stripes the way you did them thicker ...

    stop by!

  2. cute blog!
    xoxo Sienna

  3. i love the golden nail polish


  4. i love the stripes nails!:))))

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