Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Hola mis amores! I am so fed up with school, so its the perfect time to blog! I have many fashion icons, I guess because I like many different styles. I grew up watching the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House and in their mystery videos. I literally have seen all their movies and I used to own them all! hihi Anyway I do believe that they have evolved to fashion icons. I think that they have such a unique style and I like most of the things they wear, NOT ALL. Some are a big NO NO! I also love their clothing line Elizabeth and James you can find their website here. The clothes and shoes and jewelry are definitely my style and stuff that I would most likely wear. Anywho yes back to my point, I found some pictures online of my favorite looks of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and I think they also inspire me and how I dress everyday and it gives me tips and ideas to incorporate into my style. What do you guys think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's style and these photos? Let me know!

Nabi =]




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