JewelMint has become very popular since it had launched. Unfortunately they did not ship out of the US, which suck big time but I still managed to get my hands on these babies. I have family in Miami and so I sent my order to their house and then they sent it to me here in the Netherlands. I did a one time purchase with them because if not I would be spending even more money every month and I should start saving more rather than spending. The main reason I became a member at JewelMint was because I really wanted the silver Mumbai bracelet and now I OWN IT! WOOHOO! I also ended up getting the Vangaurd necklace and Borgia ring. I thought their packaging was pretty cool so I took some snaps before I threw them out. 

I am supper happy with this purchase. If you live in the states you are lucky and I'm so jealous of you right now. 

Along with JewelMint they also have ShoeMint, StyleMint and BeautyMint

Have you gotten anything from one of these sites? 

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