Summer Vacay Cosmetics Haul Part 2

In Curacao we already had a MAC Cosmetics store and now there is also an Inglot. It was my first time ever going to Inglot and let me tell you I loved the service there and I was very upset that I couldn't take any make-up lessons there since I didn't have enough time because my vacation was coming to an end. The products are great and very pigmented and not too expensive. I went there three times and bought stuff every single time.

My first Inglot Freedom System palette. 
1. Eyeshadow Pearl #428
2. Eyeshadow AMC Shine #14
3. Eyeshadow Matte #372
4. Eyeshadow Matte #388
5. Eyeshadow Pearl #395

Love the pigments!
1. AMC Eyeshadow #88
2. AMC Eyeshadow #23
3. AMC Eyeshadow #79
4. AMC Eyeshadow #77

1. AMC Gel Eyeliner Matte #81
2. Eyeliner #525
3. Jumbo Eye Pencil # 80
4. Jumbo Eye Pencil #85
5. Liquid Eyeliner #36
6. Liquid Eyeliner #38

Amazing Matte Lipsticks 
1. Matte Lipstick #419
2. Matte Lipstick #401
3. matte Lipstick #402

1. Duraline for Eyeshadow Pigments to make them stronger.
2. Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup 
3. Brush Cleanser

Of course I had to score some awesome nail polishes for my weekly nails.
1. Nail Art Enamel #30 
2. Nail Art Enamel #32 
3. Matte Top Coat (on my pinkie in the swatch)
4. Matte Nail Enamel #722 (Yellow)
5. Matte Nail Enamel #723(Coral) 

Inglot Dry and Shine liquid. It really does make your nail polish dry faster and also gives it an extra shine. 

Well this was definitely a photo overload post but I think it was well worth it, don't you agree?


  1. Now that is a big haul! :D :D I see you got super nice products! ;)

  2. hahah yes it is, I got great stuff. definitely recommend there products

  3. You got some really nice stuffs XD
    Love it!


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