Summer Vacay Cosmetics Haul Part 1

Over the summer I did a lot of shopping for beauty products. I got so much great stuff and I just had to share.

Benefit Cosmetics' Finding Mr. Bright set which includes Girl Meets Pearl, Posie Tint, High Beam and Erase Paste (concealer). I also got from Benefit Cosmetics their High Brow which is basically like a highlighter and it really helps to cover up unwaxed hairs. Great products overall! 

From Milani I got a baked eyeshadow, you can use with water or without. With water it gives more of an effect. Along with that I got a blush and a bronzer and blush set. 
1. Milani Runway Eyes Caribbean Sea #09
2. Milani Powder Mosaics Honey Kissed #02
3. Milani Sunset Duos Sunset Shores #04

I have used all these products already and they give great color and I absolutely love them!

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