Mr. Kate

"The Mr. Kate logo is a mustache and beauty mark because they are two iconic images that represent humor (Groucho Marx etc.) and beauty (Marilyn Monroe etc.)."

It's no secret that I have an obsession with jewelry! I think when I go back to Holland I might do a post dedicated to my jewelry box! Anywho a few months ago I cam across Mr. Kate. "The Mr. Kate jewelry line is a reflection of the Mr. Kate lifestyle and aesthetic with it’s handmade and truly unique pieces." Kate Albrecht is the creator of this line and let me tell you this lady is creative! Power to all the powerful and creative women out there man! She is one of them! Her pieces are amazing and very eccentric. I absolutely love this jewelry line and you should too! These are some of my favorite pieces. 

If you like these photos go check out Mr. Kate. 
Website: mrkate.com
Facebook: here
Twitter: here

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