A Day in the City

Hola mis amores, 
Today my friend and I went to the city (Den Haag). I went to return a shoe for my boyfriend at ZARA and go to the bank and that would be it. BUT knowing me we went to V&D to see if there was anything interesting. We tested out some really cool products from  Benefit Cosmetics because my friend had no idea about their products. They have the coolest and nicest cheek stains (liquid blush). Then we found a really beautiful mint green colored nail polish from O.P.I and my friend found what she was looking for. After we walked around and tested a bunch of products my friend was like Oh let's see if they have the Marc Jacobs Curacao Perfume! She had gotten an newsletter about it before everyone started blogging about and stuff. Well if you guys didn't know, I am from Curacao and I think its sooooo cool that Marc Jacobs named it after my little island! Anyway we were walking around the store and couldn't find it where it should have been. So we were like ok I guess they don't have it yet and we walked to the cashier and there it was a big bottle of Curacao Marc Jacobs! It was the last one they had and it was 15% off. SO IT WAS MEANT TO BE FOR HER! haha Oh and I smelled it and it actually makes me feel like I'm home, it kind of smells like the ocean but a little sweetish. Can't really seem to explain it but it smells really great so you guys should definitely check it out!


  1. I really want the Marc Jacobs Curacao Perfume! I think it's so cool to have this. ;) I will check it out! ;) I hope they have in the V&D Maastricht.

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