Randomness is What Its All About

So I should be studying for my statistics exam that I have this Friday but I'm way too drained to study for it. I was looking through tumblr and some other sites and found some fun inspirational pictures. I think its so fun too see other people's style because it inspires me with my style. I remember the first time I learned what the word "random" meant. I was sitting outside with some friends and I asked them what does random mean (I was young and my English wasn't so great back then) and it was quite and then all of the sudden she screamed and she was like that's what random means! It was the funniest thing ever! Since then random is one of my favorite words and so I decided to make a random post for my readers! The following pictures are really random but very inspirational and fun! Hope they inspire you too!


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  1. I like your posts and the photos are very inspirational and fun. Hope you can keep posting!


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