The Art of Jewelry

Hello loves,

Today is such a rainy day here in The Hague, its horrible! I don't even want to leave the house! Anywho yesterday a friend of mine told me about a really awesome website called http://www.etsy.com. They sell all kinds of stuff and you can also sell your own things on their website. What I love from this website is the Jewelry section! People all over the world make their own jewelry and you can purchase them on this website and they also ship worldwide. You can find so many different pieces and they range from extremely cheap to ridiculously expensive. Maybe you can find something there for a friend or yourself. I already planned that I would get everyone in my family something from that website for gifts, maybe you can too! The friend who recommended me this website also has her own jewelry collection and she is currently starting her own website and try to launch her line as a business and so on so that's really cool. As soon as she gets that going on I will update you guys about it. =] Here are some pictures from recently made earrings from my friend and some of my favorite pieces from etsy.com.



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