My Cup of Lemon Drop

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I wanted to mention earlier why I named my blog My Cup of Lemon Drop but I forgot, as always hihihi! .. I am known as the person who forgets things very easily, you can ask any of my friends and family. I only remember what is important. An example is that I always remember people by what they wore. I like to observe people and places a lot and I have come to realize that I remember people by what they were. Most of the time it's maybe cuz I liked a shirt or shoe or smth that I really adored and wanted or else it's it probably the ugliest thing in the world and that's how I remember heheh. Anyway I'm straying away from my point, my boyfriend suggested I call my blog My cup of tea because its about all the things I like but then I realized that a lot of people already use this name so then I decided to call it My Cup of Lemon Drop. I love lemon drop shots but I like it as a drink. Back home (Curacao) there is this place called Wet and Wild and everyone goes there every Sunday for Happy Hour and its along the beach of course, what more could you ask for! Anyway there I was introduced to the lemon drop shot from a friend who used to bartend there. She gave us the shot but then also made it into a drink and let me tell you it was scrumptious! I instantly fell in love with that drink and named my cat after it. I learned how to make it and its soooo easy, hopefully you guys try to make it and trust you will fall in love with it too. The recipe is really simple and doesn't take a lot of time.

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz lemon juice
1 sugar cube

You put them all together and mix them. The recipe is for one shot but for the drink, there are different recipes but the best one in my opinion is as follows.

1 shot glass vodka
1 shot glass lemon juice
2 tbsp sugar
You shake it in a shaker and then add sprite to the final outcome and then you sit back and enjoy.

You can find other drink recipes on the following link:



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