New In: Zara Sale

I have a love and hate relationship with the Zara sale. I love it because I can get so many great pieces cheaper and I hate it because I spend so much money at the sale. I bought some of these online and the rest I went to the store and bought them. I got so many good stuff for myself and even some for my mom which are not pictured. 
1. I got a grey sweater with silver detailing and these shoes which I will be deconstructing for a DIY
2. Yellow lace shirt and the back is completely lace, so gorgeous, floral shorts and a simple black and lace top 
3. Black sweater for when winter comes around again, amazing floral mullet skirt and this really cute blouse
4. The back of the cute blouse from the previous picture 
5. A simple striped shirt and a blouse
I also got a black dress but for some reason I have failed to take a picture of it, I think its in the wash. 
I think I really scored some great stuff in the Zara sale. 

Did any of you guys get something from the Zara sale? 

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