3.1 Philip Lim "Pashli" Satchel

So you know those days when you go online (well thats everyday for me) and you check out some blogs and you see this bag and your like huh? that shit is UGLY! But then every other blog you look at the girl or guy has that bag too and you get all confused because the bag is so ugly but its like everyone got together and decided to buy this ugly bag? Well I have been having this feeling with the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel. 

Celebrities, bloggers they're all buying it, wearing it... but I still think its dreadful. I don't know why but there is something about it that I do not like what so ever! Maybe the colors? Maybe the patent? Maybe the zippers? No idea! BUT something magical happened earlier this week.. I watched GOSSIP GIRL (everyone's fave and if someone says it isn't they are lying!) and this happened....
Who doesn't love Blake Lively portraying Serena Van der Woodsen and her style? Well I saw this bag and I almost had a heart attack. First thing that came to mind? "SCREEN SHOT" NEED THAT BAG ASAP! But then I looked closer and I was like DAMN (well actually Hode but that's the equivalent of damn in my mother tongue, papiamentu) ITS THE PASHLI!!! 
The croc body in grey looks amaze-balls on this bag and I have officially fell in love with the "Pashli" but only the croc body in grey, I still need to be convinced of the other colors. So I proceeded to do my research and found it at Barney's for $975 which is about €735. It is not expensive what so ever. I thought it would be more money and I wouldn't be able to purchase it. Now I shall proceed to call mommy and daddy and see if they want to give me a gift! Wish me luck! 

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  1. Omg, I love this bag so much !
    I so want it !

    xoxo. http://www.notesoflife.fr

  2. I am actually falling in love with this bag right now! Great post x


  3. the bag is really cool, abit looks like celine but overall it's great

  4. I think that if anyone is interested in this bag to grab it asap! due to the 'it bag' culture i have a feeling that the prices are not going to stay the same for long....


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