So I thought my school nightmare was over but I guess not! Got some more assignments to finish and so not fun! Damn my summer vacay seems to get further and further away every day. Anywho enough about la escuela! I have been considering being a redhead lately. As a teenager I always painted my hair, I have had black hair, blonde hair, light brown and dark brown but never red. My mom wouldn't let me which is weird since she let me paint it all those other colors! Anyway ye so redhead. I was inspired by Ariana Grande, I love her red hair its so beautiful except I don't want to go so red. I was thinking maybe an auburn red or so. Here are some photos I gathered. Let me know what you guys think. I think when I go home in the summer (in one month --> EXCITEMENT) I will paint it red, since I have heard some bad things about Dutch hairstylists :s so will see!


Let me know which one is your fave! 


  1. I think the color in the second or in the fifth would both look good on you.. the thing with painting hair is it gets dry really easily so if you do decide to do it make sure to have some kind of product to keep it shiny!

  2. they're all pretty nice, but red is so difficult to keep up! ever since rihanna, cheryl cole and the likes took the plunge to red, many people have tried, but then gone back to their original colour within weeks. however, you sound like a pro where hair colour is concerned with all of your experience, so go for it! :)



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