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I am a big fan of jewelry especially rings and I found this designer on one of the many accessory websites I browse. This brand is Ziba Khatibi Raw Jewelry. In the above picture these is a flower ring and an aquamarine stone ring I love them both! Don't you guys? This designer is inspired by Music, Art and the Runway. The designer, Ziba, grew up in a multicultural household and applies this to her Artwork, Raw Jewelry. The rings are a little on the pricy side but they are simply amazing! I probably won't be buying one anytime soon (sigh!) but they are still beautiful to look at and go window shopping hihiih.. You's a window shopper... Remember that song from 50 cent? Yes I love to get off topic, its in my genes hihi, its also hard for me to get straight to the point I always have to tell a whole story before I got to what I want to say. I'm doing it again! Oopsie! I also know about this designer because of Cheap Thrills. Chap Thrills is a blog that I follow, the blogger is Raez and she is 17 and from Canada. She has amazing style and I love to read her posts. She had a picture with one of the Ziba Khatibi rings and so after that I figure it was fate when I found it again with my StumbleUpon. To shop online or check out the collection visit the website Ziba Khatibi. I can't wait to see what else she will bring to her line. Check out these pictures from the other rings she has. I love them all!! 



P.S. I have an obsession with the first one. It's my favorite. Which one do you like best? 
Oh just had the best idea! I will put the ring up for my Birthday wish list! Hopefully one of my friends or family will get me it, or my boyfriend hihi.. Hope he reads this! =]

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