Spring Summer 2011 Kurt Geiger Behind the Scenes Ad Campaign

Hello dearies,

I have shared so many posts with you guys about Kurt Geiger and my most recent one, Aah Shoes!,  features the shoes that are in this ad campaign. I really love the colors, they are so bold and bright. I am dying to buy the pink, red and orange wedge one but they still don't have it for sale =[. I love looking at ad campaigns and watching the Behind the Scenes is also awesome. I really like how they made the video and made everything flow together pretty cool, I think you guys will it enjoy it too =]. Unfortunately I can't seem to post a video from Vimeo here on Blogger, I'm sorry guys but here is the link: Kurt Geiger Spring Summer 2011 Behind the Scenes Ad Campaign. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think again sorry for the inconvenience. The following are the shoes featured in the video, let me know which one you prefer.




  1. Kurt Geiger's shoes are amazing! Love them!
    Nice blog!
    I'm a your new follower
    Read my blog too, if you want to


  2. the red and green!!

    these posts are great nabi! When I have down time I read them!(Granted I then have a whole month to read but its worth it!)<3

    and DON'T make fun of my username... it was for when I was going to write a blog about my weekends because they were so funny :P


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