Love It or Hate It

Another year has passed and here we are again with the Grammys 2011 Red Carpet. I picked some looks I love and some looks I absolutely hate! Or let me be nice and say dislike, hihih. Sometimes celebs can have their off days when it comes to getting dressed but then again almost everyone has one of those days. Here are the looks I love and hate. Let me know which looks where your favorite!



I love this dress and it looks so good on Jennifer Hudson! One thing though is that I wish it was not short in the front but I still like it.

Surprisingly enough I like this dress. Why? No idea. But its cute.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress and how Paz Vega dressed it up! Its gorgeous and she looks gorgeous!

I really love dresses like these. So cute! If it was long it would be cute too!

I really like this dress, not sure I like the side slit but over all its a gorgeous dress but the bracelet she is wearing has got to go!

Wow! Selena Gomez looks like a goddess! Such a beautiful dress and the color looks amazing on her skin tone and her hair flows beautifully with the dress. Its all perfect!

I don't like the leather jacket on the suit and for that reason I hate it! hihi

No No No! 

This dress is a little too much for Kelly and it makes her seem more bulky than she really is.

Love Kim but not this dress! I don't like the halter top of the dress.

THIS IS A BIG NO NO! Love Rihanna but come on, who let her out in this dress! Its not attractive what so ever!


I thought this was a little weird but thats Katy Perry for you.

I'm not sure about these two looks, they aren't bad but there is something about them I don't like. 


  1. my favorite one is Selena Gomez.. she looked gorgeous!!
    omg, did you see the arrival of Lady Gaga? =/

  2. hahaha yes the arrival of the egg! it was interesting! hehe

  3. My fav was Selena too, about Jlo's dress I love the dress but if it would be on someone younger I think it would be better maybe Rihanna should've wear it or something. But overall I think the fashion was the only exciting part of the grammy's


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