Show Me Your Mumu

Hello dearies,

Don't you guys just love to wear oversized t-shirts as dresses or belted? Well I love to wear them especially in the summer since it looks better then hehe! Two women, Cologne and Cammy also love this oversized t-shirt stye and they decided to bring back the MUMU. A muumuu is a long Hawaiian dress worn off the shoulder. Cammy and Cologne decided to reinvent the muumuu so they changed the spelling also and made it Mumu. They are so stylish and so cute. They come in all different colors and with different patterns, really awesome! You can wear your, one size fits all, Mumu with shorts, leggings, jeans, skirts, tucked in high waisted pants and skirts and also with a slip to make it look like a dress. I love love love this Mumu and I can't wait to get mine. You can check this site to find them =] Show Me Your Mumu!




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