Finally Understanding Polyvore!

Hi lovies,

So in my boredomness I decided to start my own Polyvore account. At first I didn't quite understand what I was doing and how the whole process works but after a few tries I finally understood everything and I am having so much fun with it! I had so much fun that I even entered the Bergdorf Goodman Contest to dress Linda Fargo! Ever since I was younger I had a passion for fashion, that sounds so cheesy hihihi, and my friends would, and still do, ask for my advice on what to wear to any event. I always help the best I can and after about 8 years I officially decided yesterday that I would love to be a stylist. Polyvore lets me explore with my creativity while I am still in College but hopefully some day I can call myself a stylist! Anyways I have only made a few Polyvore sets and so I want to share these with you and I would love to know what you guys think about them.



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