LUSHious Lips

Every time I go to the US for vacation I always try to go to Lush. They have the yummiest handmade products ever! I love all their soaps and I recently began to love their lip scrubs. Living in Holland with the winter going on and all that cold wind, my lips get dry fast! I use lip balms a lot but then I heard about the lip scrub from Lush. I love this product! It really takes away all the dead skin and any dryness there is and even moisturizes my lips but I do still use lip balm. I bought the Bubblegum and Sweet Lips Lush lip scrub. I told all my friends about it and the first thing they asked me was, a lip scrub doesn't it hurt your lips? Well it doesn't, its a sugary scrub and its soft and doesn't harm your lips. You just apply it to your lips and rub it in and then you can either lick it off or wash it off. They taste really good! If you don't know about this product or you heard about it but wasn't sure to try it or not, you DEFINITELY should!




  1. it is delicious, doesn't smeel soo great but it tastes awesome!

  2. I'm trying this out! Thanks for the tip ;)


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