I Do!

Yes I Do! I hav an obsession with RINGS! If someone were to ask me what is the first thing I would grab if my apartment was on fire, I would have to say my rings and shoes! Rings and shoes are mostly the things I splurge the most on! I have no problem buying an expensive shoe or expensive ring. =] Why rings? Well in my opinion I have genetically gifted with great nails! I don't need fake nails because my nails grow so long in such a short period of time and what better accessory for my nails than rings! I am get really inspired by rings, its so weird they give me ideas! I know that sounds crazy but its true! The colors and all the different ways rings can be created I LOVE IT! By the way I think I am starting to say I LOVE IT too much but its ok =] I have a really big ring collection but within that collection I have my favorites that I wear most frequently. I'm also checking out all these websites to see their rings collection, I am posting pictures of rings i found from TopshopTrendMeDorothy PerkinsEtsy and Shopbop. I hope you enjoy them! And aren't they inspiring? Let me know what you think =] I also love the wings ring worn by Ashley Benson in Pretty Little Liars. If you have seen it or know where I can get it please share with me! Oh and I know I said my nails get long really fast and they do but right now I just cut them the other day to match them with my cute nail color!




  1. Love it!! we share an addiction:)



  2. Wow, you really have much rings! I love them! thanks for sharing. http://www.rainingblossoms.com


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