Temporary Pink Ombre

Seeing all the pictures on Tumblr of people with pink or blue or turquoise colored hair made me want to make my hair temporarily pink as well. Since I was not going to bleach my hair (I am a brunette) I decided since I already had ombre hair then I would make that part pink. I bought these two Stargazer temporary pain dye and I tried it out. The pink came out a little red but I loved my temporary pink ombre hair! It says in 6 weeks all the pain will be out but I still have some in my hair and I dyed it in the beginning of February so will see when it all comes out. Now that the color is fading out I want to do it again but I'm not sure about it yet. 

Anyway if any of you have painted your hair pink or did an ombre pink like I did, I would love to see pictures! 

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