Oh My Nails! #6 Nails for the Queen

Yesterday it was Queens day here in the Netherlands and everyone was out and about in the city partying in Orange! I didn't go to Amsterdam but I did go to the fair in Den Haag. Instead of wearing orange, I took my red nail polish and yellow nail polish and made myself some orange nail polish. The style for this week is inspired by a Pretty Little Liars episode that will air in Season 2. Ashley Benson wore it but in yellow and I just change the colors. Let me know what you guys think! =]


Oh the lovely boyfriend knows of my obsession with nail polish and he got me these two colors from H&M and I absolutely love them!

 P.S: By the end of this month I will be posting my first ever giveaway and nail polish is included!! So stay tuned!!


  1. How I wish I was there for queens day! But I just wanted to share this link! Maybe you could be one of those guest bloggers from around the world!!!!<3 reading your blog sometimes makes me feel like I'm there!



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