One of the Many Style Icons

So style icons? Hmm who has the ability to be a style icon? I love fashion and I love to see what people can pull of and what they can't. I love looking at some celebs and models to get inspiration. The problem with me is that I don't have one style of dressing, I dress how I feel and how I want. An example is I love the boho-chic style which I have worn but then I also like the edgy style so I take my favorite pieces from both styles and wear them together I know it sounds weird but it looks good. When I do it again (when its summer most likely) I will def take a picture to show you guys. Anyway one of my favorite style icons is Vanessa Hudgens, I'm not a fan of all her movies but I do love her style. What I love the most of what she wears is her rings! I love love love all the rings she wears! Who is your style icon? or One of your favorite style icons? I would love to know! Oh I actually own the grey fringe JJ Winters bag that she is wearing in the last picture. I'm gonna try to remember to do an outfit post about it! =]

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