What I'll be Wearing this Spring and Summer...

Dearies, How are you guys?

I can't get enough of all the new trends and colors for spring and Summer. I'm looking at all these different clothes from different lines and I can't help but want them all!! Here are some looks I'm loving from different lines and you can find them all online.

These two dresses I really love from H&M, I don't know if I will purchase them but I really like them and they are not expensive.


These next ones are from Blu Moon, you can find them online at Singer 22 and Planet Blue. I really love all looks from Blu Moon but these two especially.


I recently learned about a designer and its called Iro, its sold at Singer 22. I really likes a pari of flowery colorful pair of shorts they have. Its a little more on the expensive side but its sooooo cute!

The last few pieces I will be sharing with you are from Pencey. These are also found at Singer 22. They are really expensive but so cute to look at and get inspiration from. 

What do you guys think of these looks? I will love to hear your opinions.




  1. Nice and informative post on this topic thanks for sharing with us.Thank you

  2. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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