My Fab Finds!

My Fab Finds is going to be something I am going to try to post weekly. I will post things I have been looking for and I finally found or found something similar. I will post a piece I am looking for that I saw in a TV show or just an awesome piece I found! If you ask my friends I am known to find something that nobody wears or nobody knows about, I have the same thing with music. If its out there, I will find it! Since I only decided to start this today I only have one piece I really wanted and I found but in next week's post I will probably have more pieces to share with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy it! And you never know maybe I post about a piece you were looking for! Todays find is a tunic that I saw Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) wearing on this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars. I loved the tunic she had on and I went on a search to find it and I did. Let me know what you think.

Stay Tuned!



P.S: If you want the tunic you can find it at: Foley and Corinna

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