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My name is Nabila Lionarons and I was born and raised in Curacao, and island next to Aruba. I currently live in The Hague, Netherlands where it is really cold. A few weeks ago I was browsing the internet and I cam across some fashion blogs an makeup blogs etc etc.. I love to look at the pictures people post on their blogs of what they are wearing and such and one thing I started to notice after looking at so many different blogs of people all over the world is that not only do they love fashion but almost each of them had a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Your probably thinking what is this girl talking about. Well if you don't know Jeffrey Campbell you should definitely check out his shoe collection at www.solestruck.com. I am obsessed with his shoes and I was soo happy to see all these bloggers with at least one pair of his shoes and yes thats what made me decided to start my own blog. I'm new at this so i'm gonna try to post as much as I can about fashion and beauty and life. I really hope you guys enjoy my blog and find it something that you like and would buy or products you would use. Anywhooo farewell for now readers.

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