Animating Chanel

So I am a member of not only fashion websites but also random websites. I use StumbleUpon a lot and every time I find something interesting I always register to the website to receive newsletters and that sort of stuff. Well one time I was using it I came upon this website called Nowness. every day they show a story about the best in fashion, art, culture, travel and a lot more. It's like a life guide! They have a story about almost anything you can think of. Once you are a member you can also contribute with your own stories. I think this website is Genius! Today I was browsing their website and I found a story called Animating Chanel. It is a short video for Chanel's Beauty Kit. It's the funniest and most innovative idea ever by Peter Philips! I added the youtube video of it below but if you want to check it on the website here is the link Nowness - Animating Chanel. Let me know what you guys think of it. =]


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